Health and Safety

We have put specific measures in place to ensure the safety of our employees and our guests. On a daily basis, we are working to ensure that we meet the latest guidance on hygiene and cleaning.

These protocols define the measures to be introduced and maintained and include the following:
• Appropriate PPE for staff – including masks and other protective gear.
• Training of staff on the measures required of them to minimize COVID-19 risks.
• Provision of sanitizing materials for Guests and Staff in easily accessible areas.
• The sanitizing regularly of all surfaces and areas where any potential risks exists.
• Elimination or minimization of shared facilities – the Lookout does not have any indoor shared facilities – meals (breakfasts) are delivered directly to the rooms and all units have self-catering facilities.
• Medical checking and surveillance including daily temp monitoring of guests and staff for early detection.

Staff Training and Protocol

Our staff members have been briefed about the nature and severity of COVID-19 and related viruses to ensure the safety of themselves and our guests.

PPE (Personal protective equipment)

The use of Personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory at our premises. This may include the use of face masks, face shields and gloves.

Cleaning and disinfecting procedures

We use cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses in all areas accessible to staff and guests. This applies to all areas including guest rooms, public areas, dining areas and staff quarters.

Check-in Procedure

Our check-in procedure may include specific health and safety protocols such as completing a health questionnaire, having temperature taken and sanitising of hands.


We have adopted an in-house laundry protocol to ensure the efficient disinfecting of bedding, re-useable face masks and garments.